Spring Tune Up

To meet, or not to meet? That has been the question for many regional clubs for many months. We long to gather, yet we must keep one another free from a potentially serious infection. But after a year of our Covid-19 gloom, there appears to be a break in the clouds. The recent success in vaccination programs has reached many Missouri Valley Cadillac Club Members, and left them feeling ready to gather again in well-ventilated, low-risk venues.

Thus, it was with a celebratory note we met for our 10th Annual Spring Tune Up and Art Party at Hyde Park Auto Service April 17th. At the Saturday morning event, members are given the opportunity to use the services of a professional garage, and are assisted by a trio of professional auto mechanics to help them complete routine vehicle maintenance. Some Cadillacs may only need an oil change, or a tire balancing. But all Club Members are welcome to raise their cars on a lift, and check out those nuisance leaks or squeaks–and maybe make a tweak. If safety concerns arise, or if major repairs are indicated, the owner is alerted. Of course, it’s not all about the cars, members find great pleasure in avoiding weekend chores while catching up with one another’s news.

The Spring Tune Up is usually a coffee-and-doughnuts affair. But this year a festive buffet breakfast was provided by the Club. Members appreciated the extra touch. This was our first meeting since July 2020!

Those who had less interest in peering at tires and tie rods were invited to the adjacent ‘Art Studio 39’ where artists-in-residence Lynn Keegan and Meredith Williamson welcomed would-be Picassos to create their own masterpieces. The paint brushes spun, and the colors flew as novice and accomplished artists filled their canvasses with springtime images. As usual, Mimosas were offered as inspiration.

It was great to see so many familiar, yet masked faces at the Tune Up It was also encouraging to find so many members willing to dip their toes into the pool of normal social gathering for the first time in many months. These baby steps give us confidence we can one day soon resume our pre-Covid-19 activities.

Many thanks to John Hoagland, and James Duyck who gave up their Saturday morning to work on cars. And thanks to Lynn and Meredith who hosted another smashing art party.

John Hoagland lends a hand with the Seville’s oil change
Paul Williamson and Gary Huddleston decipher the intricacies of the ’72 Fleetwood
Randall Penn’s Seville awaits attention at Hyde Park Service
Susan Phillips pays close attention to her Northstar
James Duyck helps Susan while Paul and Gary give up, and read the directions.
A veritable Cadillac smorgasbord.
Lynn and Mita get creative.
Judy Nelson, the Club’s most accomplished artist.