Cadillacs: National and International

2019 CLC National Driving Tour Valley Forge Pennsylvania

The Valley Forge Region is hosting the CLC National Driving Tour for 2019. The dates are Tuesday, October 22, 2019, through Saturday October 26, 2019, at the Wyndham Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA

Jack Hotz

CLCMRC Fall Festival Hickory Corners Michigan September 26–29 2019

There will be many events tailored for all Cadillac enthusiasts. Complete details are available at .This is your chance to meet with many designers from the Cadillac Studio who created the cars you enjoy and who are participating in the Fall Festival.
You can enter your car in the judged Concours d’Elegance or display it on the showfield at theGilmore Car Museum campus, site of the Cadillac Museum. Registration for Concours cars has been extended to August 28th, 2019
Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia 2020 Nationals Programme
Is this the year you go down under?
Monday 30 March 2020
 Registration day at Parklands Resort. Early Birds run to the
Honey Haven, including tour and talk, afternoon tea and scones.
 Welcome BBQ, Parklands Resort.Tuesday 31 March 2020
Gulgong (Approx.28KM’s) Visit this Historic gold mining town
originally listed on the ten dollar note. The day includes a below ground gold mining experience, morning and afternoon tea, picnic lunch, guided tour of the township, a performance in the oldest listed Opera House still operating in the southern hemisphere, access to the Pioneers Museum and the use of a local courtesy bus if required at Gulgong.
Wednesday 1 April 2020
This day members shall be split into 2 groups. Both groups shall experience a local club member’s vintage car restoration garage and courtesy bus (if
required). A picnic lunch on the landscaped grounds at Gooree park, a
guided walking thoroughbred stud tour, stallion parade, wine tasting and all refreshments.
Thursday 2 April 2020
 Display Day: .Lawson Park
 High Tea: (For the Ladies) At Mudgee’s historic railway station.
Includes food, beverages, and entertainment, bus transfers from and
back to Lawson Park.
 Awards Dinner. Includes a 3 course meal, welcome complementary wine at the table, entertainment, awards ceremony and bus transfers for
members not staying at Parklands Resort.
Friday 3 April 2020
Farewell breakfast. Parklands Resort.
Full Details and times in Check-in Package
2020 Nationals Committee
Rick Grimaldi 0418 449 699
Rob Natoli 0418 968 575
Gabrielle Alabaster 0411 957 299

CLC Grand National Overland Park, Kansas June 9–13 2020


Australian Grand National Renmark South Australia: a Fair Dinkum Experience

Tom and Lynn Keegan were able to attend the Aussie Grand National in Renmark, South Australia March 21 to 26. Smaller than our GNs, the event hosted about 200 Cadillac enthusiasts from Australia, the US, Germany, and New Zealand. Because we were a smaller group, members drove their own cars to the many outings. In a way, it was closer to one of our driving tours. Our headquarters was the Big4 Holiday Park on the Murray river. Very comfortable, it offered a range of accommodation. We stayed in a little pre-fab bungalow, while others brought their camping trailers. One bloke camped in a tent next to his Cadillac. The activities were well-planned and well-executed with the help of many volunteers. But, untimately, it’s the Cadillac people who make the trip worthwhile. It was wonderful to make new international friends and catch up with the ones we knew. Of course, all received an invite to Kansas City to attend our GN in 2020.

2017 CLC Grand National Tysons Corner. VA

The 2017 CLC Grand National is in the books, and ranks among the most successful and well-attended events in Club history. Many thanks to the Potomac Region and the Valley Forge Region, for hosting the July 31 – August 6, 2017 event. Chairpersons Ronnie Hux, Scott Minesinger and Jack Hotz are to be commended for planning the events which were much appreciated. As to be expected at an east coast event, many overseas members attended. In fact, the long distance award was collected by a team from Venezuela!

Cadillac Grand European August 23–27 Copenhagen Denmark


Not Cancelled! What?

The 2017 Grand European in Copenhagen Denmark was cancelled due to the low number of members who signed up to show their cars. But did this stop Cadillac lovers from around the world from creating their own GE? One must ask: Is the international Cadillac & LaSalle Club populated with such diehards that they must attend even a cancelled event?! Well, if you already have your plane tickets, hotel reservations and your English/Danish phrase book tucked into your backpack, then the answer is yes. Astoundingly, 20 Club members from all over Europe and North America gathered in Copenhagen and enjoyed the hospitality of the Danish Cadillac Club August 23rd–27th. Members arrived for the “cancelled” event from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Czech republic, and the good old US of A to do what we do best: Drive Cadillacs, visit great venues, and break bread.

 CLC Announces New Directory, Member Software

The following information courtesy of SWVP Tim Coy

The 2017 CLC International Membership Directory will be mailed in late October to most of you along with your November-December copy of The Self-Starter; for those on First Class and Life memberships, the Directory will be bulk mailed separate from your copy of The Self-Starter. If you are an online-only member, you will not receive a printed directory; it will be available as a read-only PDF in a protected area of the CLC website. A postcard will be inserted in an upcoming issue of The Self-Starter asking members if they wish to continue receiving the printed copy for 2018 and beyond. If the member returns the postcard and/or e-mails the CLC Office, they will continue to receive a mailed directory. Otherwise, they will not, and will be able to log in and look up the information on the CLC website. This is a huge cost-saving move and hopefully will ward off a dues increase for a while longer.

Use the new Directory for membership recruitment

I did this for years when I was the editor of my Region’s newsletter. Look up all the names in your assigned area, send all non-Region members a letter and/or a newsletter along with a membership app and ask them to join your Region. My experience was that 20 percent of those people will respond and join your Region, with the new revenue you receive far outpacing your postage expenses asking them to join. The CLC experience is best at the local level.

New membership software coming

The board, in a majority vote, approved to allow the CLC to move its membership records to by the beginning of 2017. The Club will save money in the long run, while offering members the ability to update their own information without having to notify the CLC Office. Every member will be given one login and password for all functions, which will work for updating your membership information, renewing your membership, viewing The Self-Starter (if you have an upgraded membership), viewing the online Directory, participating in the Discussion Forum and a lot more. Once you’re logged in, you can search for every member in your state, members who own the same body style you have, and you can even search for owners using multiple model years. will allow Regions access to conduct business, so get ready for this exciting change.

New officers appointed

Dan Cress of the Badger Region (Wisconsin) has been appointed Grand National treasurer beginning with the CLC-operated 2018 Grand National. Chuck Swanson of the New York Capital District Region has been appointed vice president of Information Technology, and will oversee the implementation of DR Rawson of Las Vegas has been appointed chair of the Membership Promotion and Public Relations Committee, and will spearhead efforts to bring in new members and retain existing members.

2017 Grand National judges

This is going to be likely the second-largest Grand National the CLC has ever had (Detroit’s 2002 meet is by far the largest ever). Chief Judge Bill Anderson needs judges badly for this meet. Watch for the registration form in the January issue of The Self-Starter. If you and folks in your Regions plan on going, please consider being a judge and check off the appropriate box on the registration form. In that vein, the number of cars to be judged will be limited if there are not enough judges, according to Bill.

Future National events

Grand National—2019 Louisville KY


CLC Museum mortgage retired

The building at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, is paid off; however, there are still operating expenses and an upcoming fundraising campaign will take place to expand the building.


100 percent compliance

Don’t forget to work hard and get your rosters up to 100 percent National compliance—I’m counting on you! If your member refuses to join National, you must remove them from your roster. When you and your membership chair have done the best you can, please resubmit your rosters to the CLC Office at

The Cadillac Fall Festival September 26th–29th 2019


The Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center at the Gillmore Car Museum hosted the Cadillac Fall Festival in Hickory Corners, Michigan September 26th thru 29th. Last year Allantés were the featured cars. If you haven’t been to a Fall Festival, plan to attend in 2019. The museum’s collection grows each year, and the quality of the display continues to astonish visitors.

Also worth mentioning: the mortgage on the building has been paid off! This is due in great measure to the efforts of Paul Ayres who has worked tirelessly as museum director and fundraiser. Remember this is your museum. A pilgrimage to the site ought to be high on your travel plans. Also, even though the building is paid for, expenses never stop. Your generous support is appreciated.

Check out museum activities on facebook:

Big Meet is Huge Fun!

The 11th Cadillac BIG Meet will take place in August  2018

Remember, Austria 2018

Remember, Austria 2018

  • Europe’s BIGGEST Cadillac Meeting – open to everybody.
  • All years welcome, free entrance for participants and visitors
  • Live Band
  • Awards for the most beautiful and rarest Cadillacs
  • Driving tour
The  Big Meet