Meeting Minutes

Revised Meeting Notes for January 21, 2023

1. Call to Order – Monthly Meeting was called to order by Co-President Randall Penn
2. Recognition:
a. A Special Thank You to Mita Hoagland for organizing our Holiday Party at Cascone’s
b. New Members Present – none

c. Guest – Nicole and Kurt Hollingshead from The Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City
d. Birthdays – Susan Phillips 1/10, Nancy Wood 1/25, Steve Christensen 2/3, Guy Teel 2/15
e. Anniversaries – Nancy and Craig Wood 1/2, Lynn and Tom Keegan 1/22,
Karen and Steve Christensen 2/14, Margaret and Norman Kressman 2/24

3. Meeting Minutes – Co-President, Randall Penn, distributed a 2022 Year Review. In addition to monthly meetings the Club had 15 organized activities in 2022.
4. Treasure’s Report Previous Balance $16,726.92Current Balance $16,638.92Expenses – $88.00 admission fee to Truman Library

5. Old Business
a. Club Website – Currently the new web page for the proposed 2024 NDT in Kansas is private. The NDT 2024 web page will become public if our proposal is accepted.

b. Activities – check Club website calendar for upcoming activities.
c. Roster – Randall Penn reported on car roaster progress. Pictures can be sent in or Randall can take them at meetings or other Club events. Reach Randall @ 816-523-8053,

6. New Business
a. KC Mustang Car Club Guest Talk – Nicole Hollingshead, President of The Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City, spoke about their club’s initiatives. The average age of their 200+ club members is 75. In an effort to engage younger members, they post on Twitter and Instagram and communicate through texts. In addition to monthly meetings, often followed with a dinner and time to socialize, their activity coordinators organize numerous activities including an annual car show at Olathe Advanced Technical Center and monthly cruises at The Fuel House. To encourage participation, their club members receive points for holding office and also by attending events.
b. Summer 2023 Joint Activity with St. Louis and Kansas City Car Clubs – Guy Teel and Norman Kressman are Zoom meeting with St. Louis and Kansas City car club representatives to organize an event in Kansas City to be scheduled this summer.
c. FundraisersCar ShowCalendar

d. 2024 National Hub and Spoke Driving Tour in Kansas – Marsha Redman sent in the 2024 NDT proposal and prepared a 3 page presentation for the National Board meeting on January 28,2023. On December 15, 2022, Rich Gibbs provided members of the Great Plains Region the proposed 2024 NDT Tour agenda and he reports a positive response from that club’s members.

8. Next Meeting

Sunday, February 26, 2023, Randall Penn plans to send a group email regarding time and location

9. Adjournwith no other business to transact, the meeting was adjourne


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