Meeting Minutes, Agendas, etc

Your driving instructions:

Meet at the TWA Museum

10am Saturday, November 13, 2021

TWA Museum to J. Rieger

Without the aid of an air traffic controller, let’s hope you have a navigator in the car…

Enter the traffic circle just north of the museum lot exit – take Harlem Road east. Mind the potholes!

Continue to Grand, turn left. Grand becomes Atlantic after crossing the train tracks.

Go right on 12th Ave.

Go Left on Swift.

Go Right on 16th Ave – becomes Diamond Parkway. Take this to it’s conclusion, do not stop at Donut King, sorry no time today. Approximately 3.5 miles since departing the TWA Museum. Turn right, merge onto 210 eastbound.

Take the Chouteau Traffic Way exit and cross the river. Take your first exit after crossing river then go left (west) onto River Front Road. River Front Road joins Front Street. Continue westbound.

At the first light go left onto Kansas Ave – cross train tacks *

Right onto Chestnut Traffic Way, right on Nicholson, left on Montgall: the Rieger is on your left, parking lot on your right.

* If train is crossing take alternate route

Double back to Front Street go right. Right onto Chouteau Traffic Way bridge over train tracks
Go right onto Gardner becomes Chestnut
Go Right onto Nicholson
Left onto Montgall
Parking Lot on your right

Harder to write during the stone age, but at least the words were shorter.

Harder to write during the stone age, but at least the words were shorter.

2020 January Agenda

2019 October Agenda.doc

August Minutes

Meeting Minutes 08-25-2019

August Agenda

2019 August Agenda.doc

July Minutes

Meeting Minutes 07-28-2019 Revised

May Minutes

Meeting Minutes 05-26-2019

April agenda

2019 April Agenda.doc

March Agenda

2019 March Agenda

February Minutes

Meeting Minutes 02-17-2019

January Minutes

Meeting Minutes 01-20-2019

January Agenda

2019 January Agenda.doc

December Minutes


December Agenda

2018 December Agenda.doc

November Minutes

Meeting Minutes 111818

November Agenda

2018 November Agenda.doc

2018 November Agenda (1)

September Agenda

2018 September Agenda.doc

August Minutes

August Agenda

2018 August Agenda.doc

July Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 072218.doc

June Meeting Minutes and proposed by-law changes

Meeting Minutes 062418.doc By Laws Amendment Draft 052718.doc

May Meeting Minutes and June agenda

Meeting Minutes 052718.doc 2018 June Agenda.doc

March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 032518

February Meeting Minutes


December 2017 Minutes

November 2017 Minutes


October 2017 Minutes

Image (43)September 2017 Minutes


August 2017 Minutes


August agenda:

July 2017 Minutes
11paperIt’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. A big thanks to Norm for his volunteer role as Club secretary. If you need to reference Club documents, here is where you’ll find them.

April Agenda:

Agenda April 2017

February 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes Jan 2017

November 2015 General Membership Meeting


Gen mtg Minutes Jan 25, 2015

Gen mtg Minutes Jan 25, 2015

Excutive BD Mtg Jan 25th, 2015

Meeting Minutes 052216

Thanks, too, to Norm who took on the task of updating our By-Laws

By-Laws Revision Draft 072914





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